About PM

PM Professional Maintenance- Service and Maintenance-GmbH was founded in 1989 as a service provider.

A new challenge for PM resulted from the technological changes in Europe.

Now, we are your company with competence in sales and service.

PM-Administration in Bienenbuettel

Our administration is located in Bienenbuettel.

Bienenbuettel is close to Lueneburg (Lower Saxony) and is a municipality in the midst of the well-known Lueneburger heath in the north of the district Uelzen, between Hamburg and Hanover.

The office Bienenbuettel coordinates the different tasks and is responsible for the sale and trade.

  • Distance to the airport Hamburg approx. 70 km
  • Distance to the airport Hanover approx. 120 km

PM Professional Maintenance Service & Wartungs GmbH
Schwarzer Berg 2
29553 Bienenbuettel

Telephone: +49 5823 7033
Telefax: +49 5823 7984
Email: info@pm-service-gmbh.de

PM-technical office in Mertingen

Our technology center with workshop and storehouse is located in Mertingen.

Mertingen is a municipality in the district of Donau‐Ries in Bavaria in southern Germany. Mertingen is close to the city of Donauwörth and about 35 km north of Augsburg.

  • Distance to the Airport Munich approx. 120 km.
  • Distance to the Airport Stuttgart approx. 180 km.

PM Professional Maintenance Service & Wartungs GmbH
Bäumenheimerstr. 7
86690 Mertingen

Telephone: +49 9078 920400
Telefax: +49 9078 920402
E‐Mail: info@pm-service-gmbh.de